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Ploučnice Gorge

Local name: Průrva Ploučnice

Infernal esophagus is a system of artificial tunnels through which the Ploucnice River flows near Novin near Ralsk. They were carved in sandstone rocks and served to supply water to the blacksmith's workshop below the ravine.

In the 18th century iron ore was mined near Novin near Ralsk. They were smelted on site and the iron was used in a small forge. It stood below the ravine in which the adit was created. Water from the Ploucnice River was accumulated in it and after flowing through tunnels hollowed out in the rocks, it propelled the mechanical wheel.

None of the local smithies have survived to our times. Tunnels remaining about 2 meters high, vaulted holes in sandstone rocks. Below the gorge is today a small lake with a beach. Along the stream, you can walk through the tunnels, although the water reaches up to your knees here and there.


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