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Modra Archaeological Heritage Village

Local name: Archeoskanzen Modrá

Modra is a small village in Moravia near Velehrad. There is an archaeological museum here, which shows what life was like in the Great Moravian State. You can see wooden huts and outbuildings, a pre-Romanesque church, as well as take part in old crafts workshops.

The Great Moravia was formed in the ninth century in today's Czech Republic, Slovakia and parts of Hungary. It was the strongest Slavic proto-state creature. In 822 he was baptized from the Franconian mission, but saints Cyril and Methodius were also active here. The reality of life in Moravia in the 9th century is shown by the open-air museum in Modra.

A Slavic settlement was built here on the basis of archaeological excavations. In it you can see wooden log houses with thatched roofs with restored equipment, outbuildings, watch towers and a stone church. Crafts workshops are held in the houses, warriors' fights, archery and spear contests are also organized.


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