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Lookout Tower

Local name: Rozhledna

The Charles IV Observation Tower stands on the Hamersky Vrch hill, at an altitude of 514 m above sea level. It is a neo-Gothic building consisting of a six-sided pavilion with large windows and a tower of a similar shape built over it. There are two viewing terraces that allow you to enjoy the panoramic views of the area.

The tower was built in 1877. A small cafe operated in its lower part. From the beginning, the tower was a frequent destination for walkers in Karlovy Vary. To get to the upper observation deck you have to climb 79 degrees. The tower is made of brick. The large windows of the lower pavilion are decorated with tracery. From the top you can see the spa and its mountainous, forested surroundings.


Attractions inside

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    Goethova stezka 360 01 Karlovy Vary , Czechia