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Diana Funicular Railway

Local name: Lanovka Diana

The Diana funicular railway leads from the spa part of Karlovy Vary to the Diana observation tower, located at an altitude of 556 m above sea level. Built at the beginning of the 20th century, the line is 450 meters long and covers a height difference of 167 meters.

The construction of the queue was initiated in 1911. The Karlovy Vary authorities considered it necessary to build a connection to the Diana lookout tower and hiking trails crossing the surrounding hills. The idea was not new. Two other funiculars were already operating near the spa. At the time of commissioning in August 1912, it was the longest funicular railway in Austria-Hungary.

The entire route takes about six and a half minutes. Halfway down is the Jeleni Skok intermediate station, where cars pass from above and below. Since the last major renovation in the eighties of the twentieth century, the queue has been served by wagons made by the Polish company Konstal.


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