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Svatošské Rocks

Local name: Svatošské skály

Svatosske Rocks is a nature reserve located on the river Ohri. For thousands of years it carved in the granite rocks of the canyon, whose banks were subject to erosion. Rock spiers and pyramids were created in this way, which today form a rock city sometimes called the "wedding procession".

Svatosské Rocks began to be visited as early as the nineteenth century. Patients from nearby Karlovy Vary came here for trips. At the entrance to the canyon there was a tavern from where boats could also be rented.

Currently, a hiking trail leads along the canyon, which can also be overcome by bicycle. Exciting climbing routes lead to many rocks. You can also take a ride on a rented boat. It allows you to admire rock formations from the river level. Rock spiers and clubs protrude above the treetops creating the impression of being among the giant towers. According to legend, this is a retinue of a little rocket nymph. The landscape and the legends associated with it have inspired many artists, including Goethe.


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