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Russian Monument Square

Local name: пл. „Руски паметник"

A small square is located in the middle of a circular intersection where the main city boulevards intersect - Skobelev and Totleben. It is surrounded by trees, and in its center there is a monument commemorating the liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman rule. It was here in 1877 that the Ottoman governor Osman Nuri-Pasha left the city.

The monument has the form of an obelisk consisting of a rectangular, truncated pyramid and a three-step pedestal. There is a marble relief depicting the coat of arms of Russia and the Cross of St. George and an inscription commemorating Tsar Alexander, during whose reign Bulgaria was liberated.

The monument was unveiled in 1882. Its construction was financed by the Russians. It is not known who its author is, but it was most likely the architect Vokar, the author of monuments in Dobrich and Pleven, or the Russian architect and painter Vladimir Sherwood.


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    Площад „Руски паметник“ 1606 Sofia , Bulgaria