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Bulgarian Archeological Museum

Local name: Bulgarian Archeological Museum

The archaeological museum is located in the building of the largest and oldest Ottoman mosque in the city. Today, there are five exhibition halls housing collections from prehistoric times to the Middle Ages. Four rooms are intended for permanent exhibitions, and the fifth for temporary exhibitions.

In the Prehistoric Hall, you can see archaeological excavations from all over Bulgaria, dating from prehistoric times to 1600 BC. They include primitive tools, pottery and ritual items. The Treasury houses exhibits from the Bronze Age up to Late Antiquity. Here you can see, among others two Bulgarian treasures: Valchitran and Lukovit.

Various collections have been gathered in the Main Hall, ranging from exhibits from ancient Thrace, Greece and Rome, to the late Middle Ages. Finally, the Medieval Hall houses collections of books, drawings, and wooden and metal products from the period.


Attractions inside

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    площад „Атанас Буров“ 1000 Sofia , Bulgaria