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National Palace of Culture

Local name: Национален дворец на културата

The modern congress center is the largest building of this type in Southeast Europe. It has 8 above-ground and 3 underground storeys. The main building houses 12 multi-functional rooms with a capacity of 50 to 4,000 people, a spacious lobby, 5 restaurants and over 50 offices.

From the four observation decks you can observe the panorama of the city. During your visit it is worth paying attention to the gilded sculpture by Dimitar Boykov, standing in the main hall and showing the hospitable and reborn Sofia. Another symbolic sign is a bird woven into the rays of the sun, which personifies knowledge and enlightenment.

Every year, the center hosts over 300 national and international events. Among them are scientific symposiums, music and film festivals, concerts, dance shows, theater performances and exhibitions of works of art.


Attractions inside

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    булевард „България“ 1463 Sofia , Bulgaria