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Antoine Wiertz Museum

Local name: Musée Antoine Wiertz

Musée Wiertz is a place dedicated to the painter, sculptor and writer Antoine Wiertz (1806-1865). One of the most spectacular creators of Belgian romanticism was inclined to create canvases with drastic themes ("Buried Alive") and in monumental formats: in Musée Wiertz you can see the "Fight of Greeks and Trojans for the body of Partoklus" measuring 5.2 by 8.5 m.

Wiertz enjoyed the recognition of King Leopold and Koburg. Thanks to this, in 1850 he managed to obtain government funds for the construction of an extensive atelier. After the artist's death, the building and the works inside became the property of the state. It is now the seat of Musée Wiertz, which is part of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts.

The museum's collection contains the most famous painting by Wiertz entitled "Two Girls" ("La Belle Rosine"). It depicts an undressed young girl who looks at a skeleton.



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