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Jewish Museum

Local name: Jüdisches Museum

The Jewish Museum in Vienna is divided into two parts. The main part of the museum with several permanent exhibitions is located in the Palais Eskeles at Dorotheergasse, and additional temporary exhibitions can be viewed in the so-called The Judenplatz Museum at the Jewish Square.

The main exhibition of the Jewish Museum is entitled "Our city! Jewish Vienna - then and now. " It presents the history of the Jewish community in Vienna and attempts to rebuild it from 1945 to today. Other exhibitions provide a modern way to learn about the history of Austrian Jews as well as Jewish traditions and culture that exist today.

The Jewish Museum in Vienna is the oldest such institution in the world. Its origins date back to 1896, when the first exhibition on Jewish art was opened. In 1938 the museum was liquidated, but it was reopened in 1988. It has occupied Palais Eskeles since 1993. In 2013, it underwent a thorough modernization.


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    Dorotheergasse 111010 Vienna , Austria