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Rauris is an alpine village with a long history and one of Austria's oldest ski resorts. Currently, it is geared primarily to welcoming families with children, and the local slopes are great for beginners and intermediate skiers.

Already in antiquity, the areas where Rauris is located were a transit route through the Alps. They also retained their status in the Middle Ages, when they were called the eastern gate of the Taurians. At that time, gold deposits were discovered in the mountains surrounding Rauris. Its mining lasted until the 19th century, with the greatest intensity in the 15th and 16th centuries. Currently, when visiting Rauris, you can see the former miners' houses and a Gothic church.

In the first half of the 20th century, Rauris began to develop as a ski resort. In winter, its main attraction is over 30 km of well-groomed slopes, mostly easy and medium difficulty. They are served by gondola lifts such as Rauriser Hochalm and lifts. In addition to the pistes around the village, there are also freeride and cross-country skiing routes. In winter, you can also use the toboggan run or take part in sleigh rides and snowshoe trips.

In summer, mountain tours are among the main attractions of Rauris. The surrounding mountains are cut with hiking and climbing routes. You can reach the Edelweißspitze by car and enjoy the beautiful views from the viewing platform. Another popular excursion destination is the Sonnblick peak, home to the Sonnblick meteorological observatory.

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