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Krimmler Waterfall

Local name: Krimmler Wasserfälle

The Krimmler waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls in Europe - it measures 1470 meters above sea level. It is 380 meters long and consists of three frets - the first, the longest, 140 meters long, the other two - about 120 m each. It is interesting that the waterfall was created in the Pleistocene era, as a result of the glacier.

This is one of the ten most visited tourist attractions in Austria - Krimmler Waterfall annually visits about 400 thousand. tourists.

Along the waterfall meanders a path built in the nineteenth century, through which you can admire the beauty of Austrian landscapes and forests, as well as the waterfall itself. However, do not take bicycles or prams on it.
The Krimmler waterfall can be seen up close from April to October, the rest of the year the access to the path is closed. The whole trip to the summit takes about an hour. In addition, there are benches along the route where you can rest during the journey.


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