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Klagenfurt is the capital of Carinthia on Lake Wörthersee. It is a city where, due to its location and history, Austrian, Italian and Slovenian influences are intertwined. Its main attractions are the lake with coastal recreation areas and the largest Minimundus miniature park in Austria.

Location on the warmest of the alpine lakes makes Klagenfurt an important holiday and sports center for years. Every year, the largest Ironman competition takes place here, the route connecting swimming, cycling and running runs throughout the city. Due to the excellent climatic conditions, Austrian sports associations also have a training base here, and players are preparing here to perform in competitions. There are also beaches on the lake, and tourists can also take cruises.

The history of Klagenfurt dates back to the 11th-11th centuries. The city on the border became a place where nationalities and languages mixed. The local culture has a lot of southern slack, foreign to other parts of Austria. Italian architecture is visible in the architecture of the Old Town and although there are no outstanding monuments here, the center with cobbled streets and colorful tenements encourages strolls.

The Minimundus miniature park, founded in 1958, is very popular. Initially it was a private park, which has now grown to over 150 objects presenting the most important monuments from around the world in a scale of 1:25.

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