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Castle Hochosterwitz

Local name: Burg Hochosterwitz

Hochosterwitz is a medieval castle, built on a rock with a height of over 170 m. The castle is partly open to the public. Tourists can go along the 620 m long road leading through 14 gates - thanks to such a defense system the fortress was never conquered. The chambers contain a collection of paintings, including family portraits, as well as weapons and armor from various periods.

Among the collections are a lot of weapons left here by Napoleon's army. You can also see the complete armor with a height of 2.4 m. It belonged to Burghauptmann Schenk, who lived in the 16th century, considered the tallest Austrian in history. Documents showing the close relationship of the owners with the imperial family were also displayed in the display cases.

In the northern part of the courtyard there is a small chapel from the second half of the 17th century. It is worth seeing the frescoes and the altar from Carinthia. Nearby, there is a well 15 meters deep, probably several hundred years old.


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Hochosterwitz 19314 Sankt Georgen am Längsee , Austria