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Finland is still one of the countries less polluted by mass tourism in Europe. Most of the country is pristine areas covered by a network of lakes and forests. The main tourist traffic is concentrated here in Helsinki, as well as in Lapland Rovaniemi, where the seat of Saint Nicholas is located.

The capital of the country of Helsinki, lies on the Baltic Sea and is a city with a very diverse architecture. The old buildings refer to the Russian Baroque and Classicist architecture. The most important monuments are the Presidential Palace, the Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas and the huge seaside fortress Suomenlinna.

In addition to Halsinek, Turku and Tampere stand out among the cities of Findland. Turku has some interesting monuments from the Middle Ages, such as a castle or cathedral, but it is known primarily due to the theme park World of Moomins, which is located in Naantali, a city that is part of the agglomeration. In turn, Tampere is famous for unusual museums, e.g. the Museum of Espionage, Ice Hockey and Lenin.

Finland is a country whose main asset is nature. Thousands of lakes surrounded by forests are an ideal place for canoeing, fishing and relaxing in the bosom of nature. The banks of the lakes are dotted with camping houses, where Finns come for weekends and in the summer. For visitors, white nights are also an attraction, which you can enjoy in summer, when the sun barely hides behind the horizon. In turn, in the northern part of the country there is a polar night in winter.

Lapland is the best place to experience this phenomenon. Here, with a bit of luck, you can see the northern lights. Lapland is a land inhabited by the Sami, a people reindeer grazing. During the trips you can admire the grazing herds and the unusual, raw landscapes. In Lapland, near Rovaniemi, there is also the world-famous headquarters of Saint Nicholas.

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