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Manor House Gardens

Manor House Gardens is a garden in south-east London. There is a walled flower garden, a café and a children's playground. On the decorative pond there is a fountain, a small island and a pier from which you can enjoy the views. There are also tennis courts and playing fields. In the central place there is a vast open lawn, around which a path runs, surrounded on one side by trees and bushes.

There are many species of birds in the park, mainly water birds, such as Canadian geese, herons and coots. You can also see wrens, kingfishers, a variety of parrots, and ringed alexandrets.

The park was officially founded around 1773. Around the same time, a mansion later known as Manor House was built. For a long time it was a private area, only in 1902 the gardens were opened to the public. Manor House then became the edifice of the Lee Public Library.



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