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Helix Park

The Helix is a park known primarily due to two 30-meter sculptures of horse heads, known as The Kelpies. 30-minute guided tours around and inside the monument are on offer. In addition, you can walk and cycle in the park - the network of bicycle paths around the Helix and the surrounding area is about 500 km long. The lagoon in the park allows you to practice water sports, such as canoeing or wakeboarding. There is also an adventure zone for children.

The land use plan for the site Helix appeared in 2003. Originally, it was supposed to be an eco-park. The first stage of work, which was the construction of bicycle paths, ended in 2011, while the park was officially opened in September 2013.

The name Helix refers to the shape of the entire park, which from a bird's eye view has the form of a helix (helix - helix).


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