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Stirling Castle

Stirling Castle is the royal residence of the Scottish rulers, a favorite place of the Stuart dynasty. The most representative and most important part of the complex is the Royal Palace, the first Renaissance palace in the British Isles. The Great Hall and the Royal Chapel are also eye catching. In the interiors you can meet a disguised royal couple and a court who gladly talk about the history of the castle and the realities of life at the Stuart court.

The first mention of the castle in Stirling dates back to the early 12th century, but the current buildings were built in the years 1490-1600. Until the union with England, it was the main place of coronation of Scottish kings.

According to legend, the castle is haunted by the Green Lady, the ghost of one of the servants Maria I Stuart. The ruler herself also appears to appear here, but as a Pink Lady. In addition, one of the fifteenth-century chroniclers, William Worcester, combined the castle of Stirling with Camelot and the figure of King Arthur.

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