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The Real Mary King's Close

Narrow streets and dark alleys in the oldest part of Edinburgh hide the attraction visited by tourists - The Real Mary King's Close. It used to be a narrow passage between buildings, which as a result of rising superstructures was closed over time from above. Currently, it gives the impression of a mysterious underground and lures visitors with legends about local ghosts, terrifying crimes and unexplained events.

Old Edinburgh was built on a rock whose slopes were quickly covered by a dense network of houses. When space began to run out and the city could no longer grow across, it was decided to expand it upwards, creating vaults over the lowest alleys. Opened to tourists in 2003, The Real Mary King's Close consists of former streets located under the Stock Exchange building erected in the 18th century.

According to local tradition, narrow inlets between the houses were named after the important and influential people living there. One of them was Mary King.


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