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National Monument of Scotland

Located inside: The Calton Hill

The National Monument of Scotland is a monument honoring Scottish soldiers fallen in the Napoleonic wars. The building modeled on the Athens Pantheon was designed in 1818 by William Henry Playfair. The construction started in 1824, financed by public collection, was stopped in 1829, and the monument remains unfinished to this day. These events resulted in the monument being called "Scotland's shame".

Calton Hill, on which the National Monument of Scotland was erected, is considered to be Edinburgh's best vantage point. With a binocular or telephoto lens you can observe and photograph the most interesting buildings in the city. The hill is a traditional meeting place during Hogmanay (Scottish New Year) - you can watch the fireworks from here. Theater performances and Celtic culture festivals are also held here.

In the vicinity of the National Monument of Scotland stands the Nelson Monument - a building with a telescope-shaped tower. Built in 1816, the building commemorates the death of Admiral Lord Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.


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