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The Royal Scots Greys Monument

Located inside: Princes Street Gardens

The Royal Scots Grays Monument is the work of William Birnie Rhind (1853-1933), dedicated to the memory of the famous Scottish Dragoon Regiment that existed in the years 1707-1971. It is the most famous and revered Scottish military formation. Colonel The Royal Scots Grays was the last Tsar Nicholas II Romanov, who gladly showed up in a red jacket worn by Scottish dragons.

The name Royal Scots Grays is associated with the ointment of horses, which were originally only gray (gray). This tradition dates back to the 17th century and was maintained in the following centuries. When the regiment arrived in France in 1914, an order was given to paint the horses dark brown so that they were less conspicuous and more difficult to identify.

In World War II, the cavalry no longer had any military significance - it was replaced by mechanized units. Scottish dragoons switched to tanks and armored personnel carriers, keeping the former motto of the formation: Nemo Me Impune Lacessit (Nobody attacks me with impunity).


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