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Ross Fountain

Located inside: Princes Street Gardens

Ross Fountain is the work of the French sculptor Jean-Baptiste Jules Klagmann (1810-1867), which was first shown at the World Exhibition in London in 1862. It was seen there by a certain Daniel Ross, a weapons manufacturer from Edinburgh, who bought the fountain for 2000 pounds to give her to her hometown.

The cast iron construction arrived in Edinburgh in 122 parts. Immediately after Ross announced that he was going to set her up in a public place, voices of objection were heard. Edward Ramsay, pastor from the church of St. John considered the fountain indecent, even disgusting, offending the feelings of righteous citizens. For a long time there were disputes about where the fountain could be set up.

Eventually Klagmann's work went to Princes Street Gardens. They were unveiled in 1772 - a year after the death of the founder, Daniel Ross. In the same year, the main opponent, Pastor Ramsay, died.


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