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Arthur's Seat

Located inside: Holyrood Park

Arthur's Seat, also known as Arthur's Mountain or King Arthur's Armchair, is the highest peak in the center of Edinburgh Holyrood Park. The 251 m high mountain is a great viewpoint from which you can observe the panorama of the city and the Firth of Forth. According to legend, King Arthur watched from this place a defeated battle with the Picts - the wild and extremely brave ancestors of today's Scots.

Arthur's Seat is undoubtedly the most famous mountain in Edinburgh. According to numerous legends about King Arthur, Camelot Castle was to be built here - the meeting place of knights at the Round Table. Currently, it is one of the most picturesque recreational areas of Edinburgh, covered with wild vegetation.

Mount Arthur is the focal point of Holyrood Park - a wild, upland nature reserve with an area of 260 hectares, which since the 12th century served as royal hunting grounds.


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