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Dynamic Earth

Dynamic Earth is an entertainment and education center based on the latest technical innovations and natural sciences. In carefully arranged interiors, comprehensively equipped with a variety of multimedia projections (holograms, 3D and 4D projections), you can travel to the beginning of time, view planetary systems, track the formation of mountains, take a bathyscaphe to the bottom of the ocean or meet face-to-face with prehistoric reptiles.

All adventures are interactive - you can touch anything, conduct experiments yourself, test your knowledge and perceptiveness. In properly designed spaces, visitors learn about different climate zones - from rainforests to Antarctica, observe the geological evolution of the planet and the evolution of the human brain. The accumulation of sensations is a visit to the Showdome, or 4D cinema, in which films are displayed on a 360-degree screen, the sound is authentically spatial, and movies can not only be watched and heard, but also felt on your own skin.

Also noteworthy is the Dynamic Earth building itself, whose construction consists of a steel membrane stretched on a steel skeleton and supported by several masts. It was built in 1999 according to the design of the architect Michael Hopkins. In the place of the futuristic construction there was a brewery, one of the walls of which was incorporated into the new building.


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