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Ljungby is a small town whose surroundings are known for the presence of runestones and barrows. There is an intimate Museum of Legends here.

The history of settlement in this area dates back to the times of the Vikings. This is evidenced by burial mounds scattered in the surrounding forests and stones with runes carved into it. On one of them you can read that Astrad was the first inhabitant of this area. For centuries, Ljungby was just a settlement with a few houses with a medieval church and a market place. The city was founded only in the 19th century and it was primarily of commercial importance.

In Ljungby, there are not many historic buildings left because in 1953 the entire city center was destroyed by fire. They were rebuilt in a modern style, leaving only a few public buildings.

Ljungby's attractions include the museums here. The most important of them is the Regional Museum, which presents the history and culture of the Kronoberg region. It includes, among others an exhibition of works by the Swedish sculptor Sven Ljungberg. An interesting place is the Museum of Legends, with exhibitions devoted to fairy tales, oral legends and folklore.

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