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Zaragoza is located between Madrid and Barcelona and is a city in which the intersecting influences of European and Arab architecture and culture are clearly visible. It is thanks to them that the Old Town, full of mudejar-style buildings, has been inscribed on the UNESCO list.

Zaragoza is located in Aragon, at the mouth of the Huerva and Gallego do Ebro. Its history dates back to the first century BC, when the Iraqi settlement existed here, and then the Roman colony of Caesaraugusta. Its remains can be seen in the archaeological complex, which consists of, among others ruins of the theater, baths, ramparts and port.

Between the eighth and twelfth centuries, Zaragoza, like most of Spain, was under Moorish rule. The souvenir from this period is Aljaferia, a fortified Arab palace from the 11th century with a magnificent courtyard and intricate decorations. After reconquest, he served as the residence of the Aragon dynasty, and is now the seat of the local assembly of Cortes.

The Old Town of Zaragoza was built after the Reconquista period. It represents the Mudejar style, typical of Spain after the Reconquista period. It mixes Gothic influences with oriental designs and decorations referring to Moorish buildings. In this style, erected, among others Cathedral of the Savior (La Seo) and many tenements and palaces of the Old Town.

The most famous monument of Zaragoza is the Basilica Nuestra Señora del Pilar with 11 domes and 4 high towers. This is one of the most important pilgrimage sites in Spain. There is a statue of the Virgin Mary on the Column, considered the patron of the country. The interior of the monumental church is covered with paintings by Franciszek Goya from Saragossa.

Zaragoza also boasts many interesting museums. The most important of them include Camon Anzar, where Goya's sketches and graphics are presented, Museo de las Termás Públicas de Caesaragusta with monuments from the Roman period, Museo de los Faroles y Rosario de Cristal presenting antique lanterns used during celebrations and holidays and having one of the largest in the world collections of medieval and Renaissance tapestries Museo de Tapices de la Catedral del Salvador.

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