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Palace of the Aljafería

Local name: Palacio de la Aljafería

The monumental Aljaferia Palace is a well-preserved monument from the time of Muslim culture on the Iberian Peninsula. The site is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Currently, it is the seat of the autonomous parliament of Aragon - Cortez, but at the same time the building is widely open to visitors. There you can see, among others, the Torre del Trovador tower, the golden salon, the church of Saint Martin, the throne room, the courtyard of Saint Isabella and the palace of Taifal.

The heavily fortified palace was built in the 11th century by order of the king of Zaragoza Al-Muqtadir. After the city was captured by Christian troops, the palace was still used as a royal residence. The building underwent several modernizations, but they did not change its character associated with the architectural style of mudéjar.

Palace of the Aljafería map
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