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Treasure cave

Local name: Cueva del Tesoro

The cave is one of the three discovered, explored and open to the public sea caves in the world and the only one in Europe. It was most likely created during the jury period, that is 150-200 million years ago. It is illuminated and you can walk on it on bridges and passages specially built for this purpose.

The interior of the cave can be divided into several areas. It includes, among others prehistoric rock paintings, only partially open to the public. During archaeological research, stone tools and ceramics dating back to the Neolithic period were found here. The remains of the Phoenician temple of the goddess Noctiluca were also discovered in the cave. While visiting, it is also worth paying attention to fancy rock formations, including an eagle-shaped rock and underground lakes.

According to a local legend, a great royal treasure was hidden in the cave. He was supposed to be hidden here in the 12th century by the ruler of the Almoravíd dynasty, but so far no trace of him has been found.


Attractions inside

    Treasure cave map
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