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Lope de Vega Museum

Local name: Casa Museo Lope de Vega

The Lope de Vega Museum is located in the former home of the playwright in Madrid. The building is inscribed on the list of monuments, it is open to visitors. A number of rooms have been made available to tourists, e.g. the writer's office in which his outstanding works were created, including: "Knight of Olmedo. Kind of - really "and" Gardener's Dog ". His personal belongings were also gathered here.

Visitors can see a small internal garden in which Lope de Vega spent a lot of time praying or cultivating his vegetable beds. You can also look into the kitchen, dining room and living room.

A special room is the bedroom of the daughters of Lope de Vega. It has been carefully reconstructed. She is associated with a tragic story - the beloved daughter of the writer, Antonio Clara was kidnapped by her fiancé, the nobleman Tenorio.


Attractions inside

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