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Cadiz is the oldest city in Spain, founded over 3000 years ago as a Phoenician settlement. Under the governments of subsequent countries, the center flourished and became one of the most important points on the map of southern Spain. Located on the coastal island of Cadiz enchants with the wealth of monuments from different eras. Flamenco was born here too.

The old town of Cadiz is full of narrow streets, squares and beautiful buildings. In the past, it was fortified. The remains of the fortifications are San Sebastian Castle, Santa Catalina Castle and Candlemas Fortress.

The most famous monument of the city is the Cathedral of Cadiz. This 18th century building has a dome covered with golden tiles and a richly decorated interior. Its West Tower is the best vantage point of Cadiz. Another interesting attraction is also nearby, the Tavira Tower, with a camera obscura mounted.

The long history of the city is reflected in the archaeological sites located here. It boasts the oldest Roman Theater in Cadiz in the Iberian Peninsula. There is also a Roman aqueduct and the Gadir archaeological site from the Phoenician era and the archaeological site of the Bishop's House, which is a cross-section of the city's history from Phoenician times to the Arab conquests.

Cadiz has many interesting museums to offer tourists. The most important of them are the Cortes Museum of Cadiz, the Cathedral Museum, the Lithographic Workshop Museum, the Latin American House, and the ECOO modern art center, surrounded by the picturesque seaside Genoves Park.

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