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Cádiz Cathedral

Local name: Catedral de Cádiz

The Cathedral of Cadiz was built for over 100 years and is an undeniable symbol of the city. The building was declared a national monument. The impressive temple impresses with a variety of styles. Baroque, rococo and neoclassical elements create a unique structure that captivates not only architecture enthusiasts. Amazing chapels are filled with paintings and relics from all over Spain. The cathedral's showcase is the phenomenal dome covered with characteristic azulejos tiles in golden color.

Construction of the temple began in 1722. The author of the baroque design was the sensational Spanish architect Vicente Acero. Long-lasting construction forced a change in the initial concept. The funds for the creation of the church came from trade between Spain and the New World, which is why it is also often called the 'Cathedral of the Americas'.

The crypt of the temple contains the tombstones of the famous citizens of Cadiz: the outstanding composer of the 20th century Manuel de Falla and the outstanding writer and poet José María Pemán.


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