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Burgos is a historic city that has been an important pilgrimage stop to Santiago de Compostela since medieval times. Its most important monument is the cathedral entered on the UNESCO list.

The city is known primarily for the huge number of religious monuments. The magnificent Burgos Cathedral has been its unchanging and most recognizable symbol since the 13th century. Inside, the multi-storey carved altar is delightful, and in the cathedral treasury you can see numerous works of sacred art.

The cathedral is just one of the valuable religious monuments of Burgos. Among the most famous are the monasteries, the 11th century St. John, which now houses the Marceliano Santa María Museum, the 12th century Hueglas Monastery and the 15th century Miraflores Monastery. The churches of San Lesmes, the Church of St. Cosmas and Damian and the Church of San Gil Abad are also eagerly visited.

Burgos Castle rises above the buildings of the city. It was built in the 9th century and was one of the most important fortresses of the Reconquista period. The hill on which the ruins stand is also worth visiting because of the observation deck located here, from which you can see the panorama of the city.

Since 2010, one of the most important attractions in Burgos is the modern Museum of Human Evolution. Its collections, presented with the use of modern multimedia techniques, present the history of mankind from the emergence of the human species to the present day, as well as discoveries made by Darwin. Another interesting museum is the Fadrique de Basilea Book Museum showing the history of printing.

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