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Tamarita Gardens

Local name: Jardines de la Tamarita

Tamarita Gardens are located on the outskirts of Barcelona, on a hillside. It is a former private property, now transformed into a public park. It consists of two parts, a classic French-style garden and a wild romantic grove.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Tamarita estate was bought by the fabric factory owner Alfredo Mata from the Craywinkel family. He hired the well-known garden designer Nicolau M. Rubio and Tudori to create the surroundings of his home.

The upper part of the garden, closest to the house, is a French garden with flower beds, geometric alleys, classicizing sculptures and decorative bushes and trees. Magnolia, orange trees, myrtle and laurel trees grow here. There are wooden benches in the shade of the trees. The lower part is a romantic park, with narrow paths hidden among the naturally growing vegetation.


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