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Gardens of Mosén Jacinto Verdaguer

Local name: Jardines de Mosén Jacinto Verdaguer

The Mossen Cinto Verdaguer garden is one of ten parks located on the slopes of Montjuic. It is distinguished primarily by multi-colored carpets of tulips, hyacinths, narcissi and irises. There is also an artificial pond with a small waterfall and a wooden bridge.

The garden was commissioned in 1970. As one of four in Montjuic, he is devoted to a poet who creates in Catalan. It is primarily a flower park. Different species were planted so that they gave the illusion of carpets. They can be admired above all in spring, at the turn of March and April.

In addition to flowers, the park offers the opportunity to relax in the shade of trees. Eucalyptus, Mediterranean pines, palm trees and magnolias grow here. In the garden you can see sculptures depicting Motherhood and a Woman with irises.


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