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Egyptian Museum of Barcelona

Local name: Museo Egipcio de Barcelona

The Egyptian Museum is located in the modernist district of Eixample. This is the only exhibition in Spain and one of the largest in Europe dedicated to the monuments of ancient Egypt. In ten sections, it shows individual areas of people's lives in ancient Egypt. There are everyday items, jewelry, iconic figurines called uszebti, as well as mummies and sarcophagi.

The museum has collections originating primarily from the late period of the Egyptian Empire and the times when it was under Roman rule. Two mummies of women belong to the most valuable exhibits. On one of them, called the Lady of Kemet, are painted images of the god of death Osiris and scenes depicting death and resurrection.

At the exhibition you can also see items used in Egyptian homes, including the equipment of wealthy women with home appliances, jewelry and cosmetics. The collection of special, curved supports that the Egyptians used instead of pillows and a collection of richly decorated furniture is interesting.


Attractions inside

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