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Church of Sant Andreu de Palomar

Local name: Església de Sant Andreu de Palomar

San Andrés de Palomar is a historic part of the city that boasts over 1000 years of history. Tourists can see the historic San Andrés Temple, which is decorated with frescoes by the local painter Josep Verdaguer and the church of San Paciano built in the neo-Gothic style.

Verdaguer's paintings depict biblical scenes and scenes from the life of Saint. Andrew, patron of the church and the district. In the neo-Gothic temple you can see the sculpture "Risen Christ" by the artist Medina Ayllón.

Before San Andrés de Palomar joined Barcelona (April 20, 1897), it was an independent town. Many Catalan personalities were born and lived here, including architect Joan Torras and Guardiola, poet Josep Lluís Pons and Gallarza and painter Mateu Balasch Mateu.


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