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Barcelona Art Gallery

Local name: Villa del Arte Galleries Barcelona

Villa del Arte in Barcelona is a gallery with a very rich collection of contemporary art. It is considered the most important institution promoting artists in Catalonia. You can admire the works of over 30 artists from around the world - painters, photographers and sculptors.

The most popular artists include: Françoise Nielly from France, Frank Hollywood from the Netherlands, Indonesian Liechennay and Anja Luithle from Germany. The gallery was founded in 1999, its founders were: Bert van Zetten, Nemo Jantzen as well as Marcel and Jutta Huisman.

In 2014, a branch of the gallery in Amsterdam was established, where interesting temporary exhibitions are organized. The gallery also participates in many prestigious events, including art fairs, such as: Context Art Miami, Art Chicago, Art London, Art Stage Singapore.


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    Carrer de la Tapineria 3908002 Barcelona , Spain