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Almería Museum

Local name: Museo de Almería

The Almeria Museum houses the largest and most representative collection of archaeological objects in the entire region. The permanent exhibition is located on the first and second floors. It is divided into three main parts: a hunter-gatherer society, the history of Los Millares, a 3rd millennium BC Chalcolithic fortified settlement located in the Almería region, and the Bronze Age culture of El Argar.

Here you can see, among others a collection of ceramics, bronze weapons, silver and gold items and tools. The third floor houses long-term exhibitions, mostly devoted to Roman and Andalusian exhibitions. The latter are represented by an extensive collection of Muslim tombstones, formerly made in Almería

In addition, the museum houses an exhibition space where temporary exhibitions of contemporary art and photography are organized. It also houses a public library.


Attractions inside

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    Calle Hermanos Pinzón 9104005 Almería , Spain