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Viseu Cathedral

Local name: Viseu Cathedral

The cathedral of Viseu is the Catholic seat of the bishopric in northern Portugal. The 12th-century church remains the most important monument of the village. Originally there was an early Christian basilica built during the reign of the Germanic tribe of the Suebi. The current appearance of the temple is the result of a mix of different architectural styles, especially from the Manueline and Renaissance periods.

The cathedral in Viseu is located on a large square, next to the old Bishop's Palace and opposite the church of Misericórdia. The building is characterized by a heavy Romanesque facade, which owes quite a raw look. The interior of the temple also deserves attention. It is worth seeing the original vaulted ceiling, the main Mannerist style chapel and gilded, Baroque-Rococo altars.

The last stage of the trip may be a visit to the monastery, which is located on the south side of the cathedral. The monastery was built in the Middle Ages, but in the 16th-17th century it underwent major modifications. The ground floor being the work of the Italian Renaissance and the cloister with Gothic chapels are the most characteristic elements of the monastery's structure.


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