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Castle of Lamego

Local name: Castelo de Lamego

Lamego Castle is a medieval stronghold, which by a decree published on June 23 in 1910, was proclaimed a Portuguese national monument. The castle was erected above the city, on a 543 m high hill. The remains of the 12th-century fortress are mainly the tower and walls of the building.

The fortress built on the hill reflects the influence of military, Romanesque and Gothic architecture. Construction of the structure began under Portuguese rule to defend the inhabitants of Lamego. The stronghold has an irregular structure, three floors and an old tank, which is one of the best preserved tanks of this type in the country.

Tourists climbing the hill can count on beautiful views from the summit. Lamego Castle remains the highest point in the city, you can see the whole city and the surrounding area. Among the walls of the medieval building, you can also feel a truly historic atmosphere and observe the impact of several eras on architecture.


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