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The Setúbal district occupies parts of the coast south of Lisbon. It is a region focused mainly on holiday tourism. Along the shore of the ocean stretch sandy beaches that attract thousands of tourists every year.

The capital of the region, Setúbal lies in the estuary of the Sado River, in the vicinity of sandy beaches. From here you can take a ferry to the Troia peninsula, where there are some of the most beautiful places for sunbathing in the area. In the city itself there are preserved medieval and baroque churches and Fort St. towering over the mouth of the Sado. Philip.

The region's most famous resort is Sesimbra, which lies at the foot of the Serra da Arrábida. Above the white buildings consisting of the old town and modern guesthouses rise overgrown with slag mountains. The sandy beaches are well developed and protected from winds.

The district's attraction is the Quinta da Bacalhoa residence on the edge of the Serra da Arrábida mountains. It boasts a beautiful arcaded courtyard, preserved furniture and baroque gardens.

Due to the terrain, the Setúbal region is very scenic. The N379-1 road called Estrada de Escarpa is considered to be the most beautiful here, which for 15 km leads along the slopes of the mountains along the sea coast offering breathtaking panoramas.

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