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Sesimbra Castle

Local name: Castelo de Sesimbra

Castelo de Sesimbra, also known as Castelo dos Mouros is a castle that is a national monument of Portugal and is an important tourist attraction. The origins of the former Moorish fortress date back to the ninth century, until the period of the Muslim occupation of the territory. Currently, among the castle walls there is a cafe and two permanent historical exhibitions.

Sesimbra Castle stands high above the charming fishing village and has guarded the village from the very beginning. He was one of the first achievements of Christians who wanted to oust the Moors from the Iberian Peninsula. Its strategic location was important for the defense of early Portugal. Today, the castle standing on a hill 230 meters above sea level, attracts tourists who want to enjoy panoramic views of Sesimbra and the surrounding coast.

Among the ruins are the remains of the 12th-century Romanesque church of Santa Maria, which is an example of popular rural religious architecture. It is worth visiting the fortress, which is a monument of great historical and cultural significance, as well as the whole of Sesimbra, offering numerous attractions.



Sesimbra Castle map
Rua Nossa Senhora do Castelo 112970 Sesimbra, Portugal