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Arrábida Natural Park

Local name: Parque Natural da Arrábida

The Parque Natural da Arrábida nature park is located by the sea, between Setúbal and Sesimbra. It covers an area of 108 square kilometers, covering the mountains of Serra da Arrábida and Serra do Risco. The protected area can only be visited along designated routes in the company of a qualified guide. The nature park offers great views of the ocean, cliffs, mountains and arable fields and pastures. The reserve also includes the islet of Pedra da Anixa with unique underwater vegetation.

The Parque Natural da Arrábida nature park was founded in 1976. It protects many species of plants and animals characteristic of this mild climate with Mediterranean features. It is worth visiting the towns located on the coast, which offer wonderful beaches, e.g. Figueirinha, Portinho da Arrábida or Galapos. The reserve also has the Costa Azul region famous for its good quality wines. In the city of Azeitão, you can try the characteristic local cheeses. You can also visit the Oceanographic Museum and the Nossa Senhora da Arrábida Monastery.


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