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Republican National Guard Museum

Local name: Museu da Guarda Nacional Republicana

The National Guard Museum of the Portuguese Republic is located in the Chiado district of the Carmelite Monastery complex. It is a modern museum opened in 2014 showing the history of the oldest and most important military and order formation in Portugal. You can see documents, photos, old uniforms and equipment, and even Guard vehicles.

The Carmelite Monastery in which the Museum is located was partially destroyed during an earthquake in 1755. It has never been completely rebuilt. The National Guard of the Republic has its headquarters in the former residential part. In 2014, part of the former monastery was opened to the public thanks to the opening of the museum. It is also an opportunity to see the interior of the monastery with azulejos panels or other decorations.

The Museum collection includes items and documents related to the National Guard. There are orders, legal acts, lists of officers. A large collection of photos showing the activities of the Guard and the ceremonies in which she participated. In the Museum you can also see the historical and contemporary uniforms and equipment of the unit and the vehicles it used.


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