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Jardim da Estrela

Local name: Jardim da Estrela

Estrela Park in Lisbon is located near the Estrela Basilica. The park covers a usable area of 4.6 hectares. It is designed in the English style, but has several romantic references. On its territory you can see a varied and rich tree stand, a lake, a children's playground as well as kiosks, cafes and food booths. The garden is inhabited by peacocks, swans, geese, ducks and parrots. In summer, outdoor music concerts are organized in the park. The original shape of the park also included greenhouses, gazebos and a Chinese pavilion. An additional attraction was the lion locked in a cage located at the entrance to the garden.

The park was put into public use on April 3, 1852. Work on its creation lasted from 1842, but with a six-year break caused by political changes. Queen Maria II was the initiator of the idea of opening the garden.


Attractions inside

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