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Church of Our Lady of Oliveira

Local name: Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Oliveira

The church of Nossa Senhora da Olivira is hidden in the buildings of the Baixa district. From the outside, its facade is embedded between other buildings, generally not giving the impression of a temple. The interior is covered with panels made of azulejos tiles, and the vault depicts the scene of the Assumption of the Mother of God.

The church was rebuilt after the earthquake of 1755 on the site of an older temple. It is a small, one-nave building with a lower, closed square presbytery. The facade does not stand out from the street buildings and looks like an ordinary tenement house.

The interior bears Baroque features. The lower part of the walls is covered with white and blue azulejos panels depicting scenes from the life of the Mother of God. On the vault there is an eighteenth-century painting with a scene of the Assumption surrounded by floral motifs.


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