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Triumphal Arch of Augusta Street

Local name: Arco Triunfal da Rua Augusta

Arco da Rua Augusta or Arch of Augusta Street is a monumental building in the Lisbon district of Baixa, built in the shape of a stone triumphal arch, was created on the occasion of the reconstruction of the city after the earthquake in 1755. Built of six eleven-meter columns and decorated with sculptures depicting historical figures, it is a symbol of heroic deeds that have become a model for later generations. The historic monument is one of the biggest tourist attractions of Lisbon.

Originally the building was designed as a belfry, eventually, in 1873, it was transformed into an arch. Due to the large height of the cornice (about 30 m), the building gives the impression of extremely monumental. The crown of the building is the coat of arms of Portugal. At the top there is an allegorical sculpture embodying Glory, Bravery and Mind.

The sculpture of a woman depicting Glory stands on a three-stage throne and has two crowns. Bravery is the epitome of the amazon who wears a helmet with dragon patterns. The mind presents a statue of Jupiter. Four sculptures above the columns, made by Victor Bastos, depict Nuno Álvares Pereir, Marques de Pombal, Vasco da Gama and Viriatus. Two lying sculptures symbolize the Tagus and Douro rivers.

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