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Żywiec City Museum - Old Castle

Local name: Muzeum Miejskie - Stary Zamek

The Old Castle in Żywiec is a 16th-century Renaissance building, first belonging to the Komorowski family and later to the Habsburgs. It houses the city museum. It is divided into thematic sections: Department of History and Art, Department of Ethnography, Department of Nature and Department of Archeology.

The City Museum in Żywiec has been operating since 1938, and in its present headquarters since 2005. For years, scientists and enthusiasts have collected various exhibits related to the history of the Żywiec region. These include Żywiec middle-class clothes, antique furniture, paintings from the turn of the 19th and 20th century, old documents and items used by Żywiec highlanders. The museum also has exhibits showing the Beskid flora and fauna, and even the remains of fossil organisms.

The castle itself was built on the site of a Gothic medieval castle. The reconstruction of the residence, carried out in the years 1485-1500, gave the building a Renaissance style.


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