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Żywiec Lake

Local name: Jezioro Żywieckie

The Żywiec Lake is a reservoir located on the border of the Żywiec Basin and the Little Beskids. It has the character of a retention reservoir created by the construction of a dam on the Sola River. The Żywiec Lake has many functions, including recreational ones.

The Żywiec Lake covers an area of 10 km2 and its depth is of up to 26 m. The dam that separates it measures 39 m - there is a 21 MW hydroelectric power plant set there. In addition to flood protection and regulation of the Vistula tributaries, the Żywiec Lake is also used to produce electricity.

Due to its attractive location, the reservoir also serves tourist functions. On the lake there are, among others, regatta dedicated to the memory of Adam Banaszak, naval captain of the sailing club "Halny".


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