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Żywiec Brewery Museum

Local name: Muzeum Browaru Żywiec

The Museum exhibitions present the history of the Żywiec brewery, shown with the help of multimedia displays, models, and old souvenirs. In the Żywiec Brewery Museum, visitors can get to know not only the history of the brewery, but also the city itself.

The 1600 m2 of the Żywiec Brewery Museum have been subdivided into 18 halls where thematic exhibitions were installed. Some of them are devoted to the Żywiec brewery - a model of the whole brewery complex was prepared for the visitors, as well as the devices and ingredients needed to brew beer, including vats, old bottles, boxes, and labels.

Besides the exhibits related closely to the production of beer, the Museum also presents the history of the city of Żywiec (from the 19th to the 20th century). The exhibitions present a former architectural workshop, a printery, a cooper's workshop, an inn, and a colonial shop.


Attractions inside

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    Browarna 88 Żywiec , Poland